A Book Review on “Try Hard: Tales from the Life of a Needy Overachiever” [transcript][audio]

Guest: Meg Hinselwood

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Book Review: Try Hard” is a lovely book written by Em Rusciano, an Australian writer, singer, and comedian who is known for her performances on Australian Idol and stand-up shows around the country. She’s also a podcast and radio announcer in South Australia. She describes herself as being an overachiever. There are chapters in this book about different periods in her life and very candid observations of herself, which a lot of people will be able to relate to. An absolute page-turner. Rating: 8.5/10

Transcript – Book Review

Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and this is Media Arts and Lifestyle. Joining me today to do Media Arts and Lifestyle is one of our regular critics and commentators, Meg Hinselwood. Meg, welcome to the program.

Meg Hinselwood:  Thanks very much Wayne.

Wayne:  Now Meg, I know you’ve been very busy in theater lately but I’m hoping you found some time to do some reading this week.

Meg:  Well I have read a very nice little book by a lady who will be really quite well known to a lot of your listeners I think called Em Rusciano. And she’s written a book called ‘Try Hard’, subtitled ‘Tales from the Life of a Needy Overachiever.’ And it’s a great title and it has beautiful cover book as well. And she’s wearing bright red lipstick and she’s wearing a sequin red number with floppy feathery on the shoulders and it’s really a very eye-catching book. And I think all the way through, it does draw you in. It’s a lovely book, it’s her first and she’s a very accomplished young lady – she’s a writer, a comedian, a singer and she’s known for her performances on Australian Idol, and her podcast, and stand-up shows around the country. And she’s also been a radio announcer not only in South Australia but also in Perth for about five years I think. So she’s done a lot with a very young life, I think she’s probably mid to late 30s, I can look it up and I can’t remember how old she was. But it’s a lovely story. She describes herself as being an overachiever and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to that. There are some lovely chapters in her book about different periods in her life and I think one of the first one is called ‘The …Fancy Pants School of Dance’.

Wayne:  She does have a turn of phrase.

Meg:  Yes she does. And it’s very fun book to read, it’s a page-turner but it’s also got a lot of, she makes a lot of very candid observations of herself and of life I suppose. So yes, I think there’s a little bit of something foreverybody in it.

Wayne:  And Meg, would you give it a score out of 10 for us?

Meg:  I would most happily give it a score of 8.5 out of 10.

Wayne:  Indeed, generous scoring. Meg Hinselwood, it was been a pleasure having you with us. We look forward to talking to you on Media Arts and Lifestyle next week.

Meg:  Thank you so much Wayne. Bye for now.

Wayne:  If you’ve just joined us on Media Arts and Lifestyle, you’ve just missed my fascinating conversation with Meg Hinselwood. However, the good news is we have a transcript on our website, we also have an archive of the conversation on SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes. This is Wayne Bucklar, you’re listening to Health Professional Radio.

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