Dr. Carla Rotering Discusses Her Book “the Language Of Caring For Physicians”

Carla Rotering, M.D., MA
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Carla Rotering, M.D., MA
Guest Bio: Carla Rotering, M.D., MA, is a practicing physician who has analyzed the principles of effective communication in medicine and incorporated them into her practice. Her book is THE LANGUAGE OF CARING GUIDE FOR PHYSICIANS:Communication Essentials for Patient-Centered Care.

Segment Overview:
Dr. Carla Rotering discusses how it is a mistake for physicians to avoid having the “hard conversations” with their patients. She discusses her book “The Language of Caring for Physicians”.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello you’re listening to Health Professional Radio; I’m your host Neal Howard. Our guest today is Dr. Carla J. Rotering. She has a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing. She is also a practicing Physician and Director of Physician Services with the Leebov Golde Group. Also co-author of The Language of Caring Guide for Physicians, as well as the web-based skill-building program, The Language of Caring for Physicians. How are you doing today, Dr. Rotering?

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