Have a Wealthcare Plan for your practice


Presenter: Neal
Guest: Bob Holdsworth
Guest Bio: An active paramedic, speaker and consultant, Bob Holdsworth has spent more than 33 years in emergency medicine, including executive leadership positions in the private sector, volunteer positions in both EMS and Fire agencies, and the role of EMS coordinator, where he developed and ran a hospital-based, regional paramedic service. He is the author of WADING INTO CHAOS: Inside the Life of a Paramedic.

Segment Overview
Bob Holdsworth explains how important it is for healthcare providers to have a financial plan that makes room for the unexpected and also deals with the normal course of business.



Health Professional Radio

Neal: Hello you’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard. Thank you so much for joining us today. Our guest in studio is returning to have a conversation with us, Mr. Bob Holdsworth. Now, Bob has a very, very varied career. He’s an active first responder; he also has thirty seven years as an entrepreneur operating multiple businesses; twenty eight years helping entrepreneurs and business leaders improve their organizations; twenty six years running a successful consulting and coaching practice as well as an ambulance billing business and, as I said, thirty five years as a veteran paramedic. How are you doing today Bob?

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