Health Informatics improves the delivery of healthcare services

Presenter: Rebecca Foster
Guest: Dr. Joanne Curry
Guest Bio: Joanne Curry is a specialist in the design of efficient and effective deployment of innovative smart technology to improve the delivery of healthcare services. Completion of her PhD in Health Informatics led to the invention of the world’s first and only healthcare specific patient journey modelling tool.  ‘Essomenic’ assists healthcare providers to visualise the complete ‘system of care’ patients’ experience as they move across and within healthcare services. Project outcomes have shown improved levels of clinical staff engagement, increased speed of knowledge transfer across disciplines and greater provider understanding of ICT support needs.

Joanne has applied her innovative Informatics approaches both nationally and internationally and was recently invited to present a workshop on the Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in the United States.

Other projects include improving maternity services for remote dwelling indigenous women in the Northern Territory and the introduction of an EHR at the largest mental health facility in Ontario, Canada.  Her techniques have also been successfully applied in the areas of chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, metropolitan maternity care, haematology, ambulatory care, community health services and oncology.

Joanne’s latest interest is in the application of mobile technology for pro-active healthcare.  She recently received 5 awards for mobile app concepts from Minister for Health as part of the Apps4NSW competition.

Segment Overview:  Rebecca Foster interviews Dr. Joanne Curry regarding the healthcare specific patient journey modelling tool “Essomenic” – how it works and how it is being applied to improve healthcare services.


Health Professional Radio

Rebecca: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m Rebecca Foster and today we’ll be talking with Dr. Joanne Curry who is a senior member of the Health Informatics Research Team at the University of Western Sydney. Her PHD produced the world’s first Healthcare Specific Patient Journey Modeling Methodology and she is currently working with the Tamworth Regional Kansas Center. Past projects include improving services for remote indigenous maternity care, mental health, chronic kidney disease and osteoarthritis. Dr. Joanne Curry welcome to Health Professional Radio.

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