New Infection Control Product from Ainsworth Dental Company [Interview Transcript]


Guest: David Smith
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: David Smith is the Director of Ainsworth Dental Company. It was founded in 1933 as a wholesale supplier of dental products and equipment. In its early years, the company marketed a small range of dental products from its home in Sydney’s inner south west. With a focus on quality products, Ainsworth Dental quickly developed an enviable reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for dental professionals.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, Ainsworth Dental Company Director David Smith returns to share that they will soon be releasing Steri-7. They are the manufacturers of a revolutionary range of hospital grade disinfectants, including surface cleaners, sprays, wipes, hand sanitisers and soaps. All products include the revolutionary biocidal capability with reactive barrier technology.


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Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio with Wayne Bucklar. Just recently, I had the opportunity to have a chat with David Smith. Now David is the director of Steri-7. And this is a firm that the name doesn’t tell you a lot about what it does so let’s ask David. David welcome to Health Professional Radio.

David Smith: Hello Wayne. Thank you.

W: Fill us in on what Steri-7 does.

D: Certainly, yes. Steri-7 is a company that manufactures infection control products for the health, primarily for the healthcare sector ranging from disinfectants through to hand sanitizers and soaps and the like.

W: Now David is this a Australian wide business?

D: It is yeah, it’s launched in Australia about three years ago. And initially it’s launched as a limited range and more recently the TGA approvals have come through for the full range of products. Yeah, we’re now actually in the process of loading at across the whole of Australia, New Zealand. And also from Australia we’re actually supplying into the wider Asian region as well.

W: I see. So what’s in the range again? Walk us through all the range of products.

D: Yes. So what it is primarily infection control products to unite disinfectants but they’re manufactured in a totally different way to anything else in the market. And really it is, the range comprises of products that are actually aimed in environmental cleaning within the healthcare sector but also have applications to the veterinary and other agricultural businesses as well.

W: So if you’re talk to the clinicians which is where our audiences, what would you tell them about Steri-7 that separates from its competitors?

D: Sure, well where the real differences is Steri-7 provides greatest biosecurity. So a much lower risk of cross infection in hospital acquired infections. The way it does it, is basically by a greater, a more effective kill of the actual pathogens, so the virus and the bacteria that it’s designed to kill. But also it carries on killing any pathogens are re-introduced to an area after it’s been used. What this means is that if you just cleaned your hospital environment, your room or your surgery, if somebody it’s a person walks in the room and needed help to that process, coughs, bleeds or re-infects the area or re-contaminate the area at anyway, this product will carry on performing – carry on killing those bacteria and viruses between the cleans.

W: That’s very interesting. David if there was a misconception about this product, about the Steri-7 stuff, if there was something you really want to get up there, the misconception that drives you nut and keeps you awake at night, what would that be?

D: I think it will be the same as many of our competitors actually. There are a lot of different products in the market and to be honest most of them do very, very different things. I wouldn’t say that Steri-7 is the most appropriate product for all people. But that said, I think the real challenge is that we have and the things that we always strive and struggle to get right, are actually really defining how we are different and how our products differ within the market. And as I say, I think that is common to just to that every other manufacturer in the market and it really is as they overcome that frustration of the technical benefits of the product and the attributes and the things it can deliver without finding too much, like a lot of marketing type.

W: That’s a perpetual problem David, it’s that idea of consumer education or market education. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio with Wayne Bucklar. I’ve been in conversation with David Smith about a range of products called Steri-7. Now David where can people find out more about this if they’re interested?

D: It’s available now, quite widely through a lot of the distributors and dealers. So the dental market, most of dental dealers will know about it and will be able to provide it. In the general healthcare market, we have again a number of dealers including those that the household names like Bunzel that will actually provide the products. Also of course you can come to us directly and that’s So it’s widely available nationally through a lot of different retailers and outlets.

W: And the website is S T E R I and the number 7,

D: S T E R I dash 7 dot com dot au ( that’s right.

W: See it’s the dash that makes all the difference I’ve been in conversation today with David Smith, director of Steri-7. A transcript of this conversation is available on our website along with an audio sound file in the archive at This is Wayne Bucklar for Health Professional Radio.

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