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Guest: Stephanie Cemal
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Stephanie is a second year Chemical Engineering student at UNSW where she got a Co-op Program scholarship. She is the daughter of Mateus Cemal, General Manager for Alpha Medical Solutions where she also works as a casual Product Consultant and Spokesperson. Mr. Cemal has gained business and management experience in operations, purchasing, merchandising and distribution in companies such as PepsiCo., Cadbury, Big W and Woolworths. He was inspired to found Alpha Medical Solutions when one of his family members began having health issues. It triggered him to brainstorm and visualize various solutions to different health problems which are common among the population.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, Stephanie Cemal joins us today to share helpful information about Alpha Medical Solutions, a provider of unique, innovative, and revolutionary products from around the world that will save and improve people’s quality of life. They offer a unique Specimen Collection Facilitator called ColOff® to Nursing Homes in Australia as well as Tic-Tong®, their exclusive Flavoured Plastic Tongue Depressors. Alpha Medical Solutions is committed to providing the best innovative and unique medical products in order to improve patient’s experience and outcomes.


Health Professional Radio – AlphaMedical

Wayne Bucklar:   You’re listening to Health Professional Radio today. Today my guest is Stephanie Cemal. Now Stephanie is from Alpha Medical Solutions, a company that does a bit more than just the average. So Stephanie tell us about the company and what it is that you do.

Stephanie Cemal:   Sure. So Alpha Medical Solutions is keen to bringing unique, innovative and revolutionary medical device from around the world that will save and improve people’s quality of life. So Mateus Cemal who’s the founder of the company was inspired when one of his family members began having health issues. So it triggered him to brainstorm and visualize various solutions to different health problems which are common amongst the population. So we’re committed to providing the best innovative medical products in order to improve people’s experience and outcomes.

W:   Now Stephanie what’s the geographic footprint? What do you do and where do you do it?

S:   So Alpha Medical Solutions offers a variety of medical supplies so we’ve got gloves, face masks, surgical gowns, head ware, shoe covers, paper products, tongue depressors, specimen collector facilitators and much more. We’re located and recognized in New South Wales.

W:   And you only service in New South Wales market or do you have a broader footprint than that?

S:   Yes we’re also selling customers from all around Australia currently.

W:   Right. So what’s the big news from you? What are the big events and issues that are happening for you now?

S:   So apart from standard range that we have, we’ve got three unique and patent products that we’ve like to speak about. So we’ve got firstly Tic-Tong, the Hydrant and ColOff. So Tic-Tong is an exclusive flavored plastic tongue depressor. It’s got a bubble-gum scent and flavor and therefore makes an excellent tool for oral examination especially when dealing with kids.

W:   That sounds intriguing, a bubble-gum flavored tongue depressor. So tell us who gets to benefit of that?

S:   Tic-Tong benefits mainly children. We’ve got three models and 1 of them has been specifically designed to go through them up to 2 years old. So kids got reduction in discomfort, anguish and fear, in children cause by wooden tongue depressors during doctor visit. And that will improve interaction with the patient, which is important. So currently Tic-Tong is being used by health professionals including GP’s, ENT’s, pediatricians, speech pathologists and dentists as well.

W:   That’s cool. Now you also import something called the Hydrant?

S:   Yes, that’s right. So the Hydrant is a unique, patented award winning refillable bottle that will facilitate hydration for anyone who’s unable to drink independently. So that would be someone who’s maybe bed bound, with limited mobility or poor grip, or just those suffering some arthritis, MS or Parkinson disease. It’s got an innovative and intelligent design to solve the problem of reaching, lifting, holding a glass or jug and that will therefore promote self-sufficiency or facilitate hydration for those individuals specially people in aged care, home care, hospitals and maternity. It’s got a drinking tube and a bite valve that allows the 24/7 access and a flexi-grip handle that hangs or clips the bottle to the bed, chair or wheelchair – so very useful.

W:   It does sound different to what I’ve seen around .Who gets the benefits of this? How does it benefit people?

S:   So firstly with especially patients are residents as they will be able to drink unassisted, which will decreasing their risk of dehydration. So with increasing independence and dignity for the user, which gives them a better experience and a sense of wellbeing. That would therefore reduce illnesses and infections with relating to dehydration as it allowed liquids to be instantly and also easily accessible at all times. So it’s interesting about the Hydrant is that it’s got its own non-return valve that will prevent unwanted drips and spills, and it will enable also actual monitoring of food intake and it’s got a clear bottle with 100ml graduations. What patients can do is they can hang, hook or clip the bottle to a bed, chair or wheelchair and also to their clothing so that it’s easily accessible at all times. But it also benefits nurses and carers as a move to money saving and efficiency so number one, the Hydrant will prevent dehydration related hospital admission, will save valuable staff resource which will allow more time for healthcare professionals and will contribute to faster recovery, freeing more beds more quickly, as in a ward they’re very important to anyone who can be. And also therefore reduce the risk of secondary problems that are associated with dehydration, reducing the expense of additional medications, and that it’s simple to use, it’s easy to clean and it’s also dishwasher safe. And it’s got additional benefits as well, so it would reduce the number of falls and that of urinary tract infections the catheters put in place and the use of antibiotics related to those dehydration related diseases.

W:   Now this comes as a kit?

S:   Yes, that’s right. So Hydrant comes in a kit and the kit contain we’ve got 1 Liter water bottle, the cap, hanging bracket, also 1.2 meters drinking tube and a bite valve. It’s got a clothing clip, so allows you to attach the tube to the clothing, a Velcro strap and instruction leaflet as well.

W:   Cool. Now you’re listening to Wayne Bucklar on Health Professional Radio and I’m currently in discussion with Stephanie Cemal about a range of innovative products that they brought to the medical market. Stephanie, Alpha Medical Solutions also has a product called “ColOff,” so tell us about that.

S:   Sure. So ColOff is a unique and patent specimen collection facilitator. It’s disposable, hygienic, sterile medical device for the toilet seat that allows patient to undertake urine and stool test comfortably in physiological position and minimizes the need to cover them unpleasantness, thus enhancing patient’s dignity and quality of life. So there is no one like doing this during urine samples, it’s a very unpleasant situation. So ColOff can help you with that. And it’s also TGA approved and increases infection control as well as minimizing specimen contamination and can also be used in common chairs.

W:   So who gets the benefits of ColOff Stephanie?

S:   So ColOff benefits mainly patients in hospitals and there’s need to undertake urine and/or stool test, requested by the GPs or specialist for analysis of pathology labs, as well as nursing homes. So we have been successfully providing for nursing home in Australia such as Montefiore, Calvary Retirement Communities, Uniting Care Ageing and … call us and let us register at EBOS Australia in … and it’s also been approved by Laverty Pathology in Australia. So ColOff brings many benefits with it, so we’ve got another one nurse time benefits – increasing the productivity and convenience, particularly with single use system helps improve working conditions and staff efficiency, allowing more time to care for other patients. And it also brings environmental benefits such as lowering environmental impact. ColOff is disposable and it’s single use system it requires no energy or water compared to re-usable systems such as bedpans and urinals used for specimen collection. Most importantly though, it also results in cost savings associated with not using autoclave. We know that demands time and it needs to sterilize for 15-20 minutes at high pressure. What’s interesting about products is that they’re made from Oxo-Biodegradable High Density Polyethylene and therefore it doesn’t leave fragments of plastic in the environment, it eventually breaks down. It also would bringa diseases detection benefits – increasing test responses, for example because it’s simple, ColOff increases the number of responses returned to pathology labs for analysis of stool, urine and FOBT tests. And consequently will increase the number of bowel cancer cases detected. Based on Australia’s National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in 2012 to 2013 only 33.4% of over 900 people invited to the test returned the complete bowel cancer screening kit analysis. Now in terms of infection contamination prevention ColOff also helps raising infection and contamination control standards because it’s sterile and it’s a single use system. We minimize concerns of patients or specimen contamination. And on top of that it also got financial benefits by reducing running costs, ColOff single use system costs significantly less to purchase, operate and maintain compared to alternative re-usable systems.

W:   It sounds like a product that serves likely to get a hold of and used as people become aware of it Stephanie?

S:   Yes, exactly.

W:   It’s Health Professional Radio. I’m in conversation with Stephanie from Alpha Medical Solutions. Stephanie, what’s the biggest misconception amongst your clients and users and the public, that keeps you awake and drives you nuts at night?

S:   I’ll say that the biggest misconception at the moment about ColOff which is our specimen collection facilitator, especially regarding pathology labs and FOBT tests is that they’ll be added to the current cost and people seem to forget to look at the benefit of the increasing amount of pathology tests … and a decrease infection contamination levels as we saw in the Australian Bowel research, only 32% of people who came the test. And if 100% of people within the test we would now find there will be probably more cases of bowel cancer. So it would really help the population and people would know if they have a health issue and can then deal with it. I’ve been taking to consideration as well that ColOff have become a change habit for, I’m glad where we were once upon a time, for you know back in a day people didn’t use to wear gloves doing surgeries but eventually it became part of the culture and people now do and it’s now also a legislation. So therefore ColOff will also become something like that from a change of culture, probably now using specimen facilitation and collection.

W:   I’ve been in conversation with Stephanie Cemal of Alpha Medical Solutions. Stephanie how’s the best way for people to get in touch with you?

S:   So we’ve got our website and the website is And they can find more details about our different products and services that we provide.

W:   Stephanie thanks for being with Health Professional Radio this morning. If you just joined us and missed our conversation, if you head off to you can find out more information. And if you didn’t get that domain name quickly enough, we’ve got a transcript on our website at And we’ve also got an audio archive of my entire conversation this morning with Stephanie. This is Wayne Bucklar for Health Professional Radio.

S:   Thank you.

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