Bringing Passion in Assisting Clients for their Loans and Finance [Interview Transcript]


Guest: Eric Greening
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Eric is the managing director of the business. It operates primarily from client referrals, and organises home loans, business loans, personal loans car loans, leasing facilities.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, handle your finances wisely with the assistance of Eric Greening. Listen to his take on applying for financing for business or personal reasons with his firm Eric Greening Financial Services.

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar. Today my guest is Eric Greening. Eric is the managing director of Eric Greening Finance and we’re going to talk to him about what it is that he does that relates to the health industry. So welcome to Health Professional Radio Eric.

Eric Greening: Yes, good morning. Thank you.

W: Tell us Eric, what geographic footprint do you service firstly?

E: I look after all medical clients right across Australia.

W: Right.

E: So we cover all the states and territories. We’re specializing look after the medical professional and allied health profession in all their financial requirements.

W: Now give us a little bit of insight here, because I’m not a clinician. What is it that makes clinicians a special category?

E: Just because of their special short lived time frame, we know they’re still very well so we can structure what they require very quickly and easily. Most of the time we can do it over the phone or via email and to test maybe and we can go to work while they’re doing what they specialize in, we can go and do what we specialize in and organizing definitely their financial requirement.

W: Now Eric, give us a little bit of a scope of your products and services here. What sort of finance are we talking?

E: We’ve specialize in motor vehicle loans, home loans, refinancing doctors and practitioners who are wanting to buy their commercial practices, we specialize in financing those. All the way down to consolidating credit cards and organizing personal loans for overseas trips or at any case maybe.

W: So it’s finance for clinicians right across the board, from commercial finance for practice buy out through to you know consumer credits and motor cars.

E: Yes, and including those they need to get new updated medical equipment or office equipment for their practice. We’ve specializing in looking at to all equipment finances as well, x-ray machines, we look after the MRI machines, the CAT scans all the way down for dental surgeons who with their autoclaves and handpieces.

W: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio with Wayne Bucklar. I’m in conversation with Eric Greening, a specialist in financing clinicians. It seems that everything from CAT scans to credit cards. Eric what would you say to clinicians about your products and services?

E: We’ve got some the best and very competitive price products right across for each individual. We look after, we look at each client individually and we try and structured to what they require, this for example if we got a GP or medical practitioner who is more than likely self-employed and they pop in we can normally give them a hundred thousand dollars for a motor vehicle and we don’t need to see any pay slips or any tax returns. All we need to know is who they’re going to buy the vehicle from and on top of that we can actually go out and look for better pricing on a vehicle for them. They just let us know the maker and model and off we go we put everything together for them. And generally our market is Sydney based, I come and see the majority of the clients some personally if that’s what required.

W: So the services are clearly taken into account to shortage of time that clinicians suffer in their daily lives.

E: Yeah that’s where we specialize in because we’ve got an understanding. I’ve been doing medical finance for over 20 years, I know exactly what their time schedules are and I accommodate accordingly.

W: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. And I’ve been talking with Eric Greening, of Eric Greening Finance about some of the issues around financing for the medical professions. Eric if there’s a misconception about your products and services that drives you nuts and keeps you awake at night, what would that be?

E: Often some of the younger people coming up in the field in relation to mortgage insurance, we’ve got some lenders that will reduce or have no mortgage insurance for lesser amount of deposit, which can help some of our guys at starting or some guys looking at using their existing equity in buying in investment property.

W: So housing finances is also in your practice then?

E: We’ve been looking, we’ve been doing housing finance for over 15 years, specializing in residential and investment properties out there – commercial or residential.

W: Now for those clinicians listening Eric, what’s the best way for them to get hold of you? Is it your website at or how should they go about getting in touch with you?

E: Either that or we have a 1300 number which is 1300 667 847.

W: Now every time I do phone numbers on the air I get complaints because I didn’t want people are coming. So fair warning here comes the phone number again. Eric, go ahead for me.
E: 1300 667 847.

W: You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio. We’ll have a transcript of this interview up on our website and a sound archive as well. It will be at, this is Wayne Bucklar for Health Professional Radio.

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