Health Supplier Segment: Silver Chain Training


Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest: Alexis Watt
Guest Bio: Alexis is currently the CEO of Silver Chain Training, a national Registered Training Organisation servicing the nursing, aged, community, disability, and palliative care workforces. With nearly 15 years’ experience in the workplace training sector, including almost 10 years in health and community services, Alexis has a diverse range of knowledge and experience.
Alexis holds a Masters in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Alexis also recently completed an MBA with a focus on international business and corporate finance, and is certified in Lean Systems.
Active membership of numerous State and national advisory boards, committees, working groups, steering groups and industry associations in the VET, health, aged and community care industries helps Alexis keep connected with multiple complex reform agendas, change programs, policy shifts and challenges.
With a passion for technology and a curiosity about how people learn, work, and engage Alexis relishes opportunities to explore these areas.

Segment overview: In today’s segment, know more about the products and services that Silver Chain Training has to offer as CEO Alexis Watt discusses them here. They are focussed on providing quality, flexible learning to all of their students. They deliver nationally recognised training and skills development in a customised model of delivery.
Silver Chain Training is a community-based, not-for-profit, specialist healthcare education and training provider delivering a range of products and services to the health industry, including nationally recognised training to people wishing to enter the industry or current health care workers wanting to further develop their skills.
Their products and services are evidence-based, contemporary solutions, designed and delivered to meet customer needs and requirements. They offer flexible delivery models including online and distance learning, with the option to customise content and outcomes to meet individual and group requirements. Their products and services are an ideal solution to enhancing the skills of today’s health care workers and service providers.


Health Professional Radio

Wayne: You’re listening to Wayne Bucklar on Health professional Radio. If you just joined us, in conversation today I’m having a chat with Alexis Watt. Alex is with the Silver Chain Training who are major training providers to particularly aged and palliative care, but a spectrum of services pretty much all across. Alex I think we’ve talk that your services and our listener to be aware them, is there anything you’ve missed with the services if you offer that we need to talk about that we haven’t given a mention to?

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