NantHealth Launches Evidence-Based Solution For Autoimmune Disease Patient Outcomes Optimization

Returning guest, Dr. William Flood, Chief Medical Officer for Eviti at Nanthealth discusses the newly launched Eviti Connect for autoimmune diseases.  Used by over 6,900 oncology practices nationwide with its library of over 4,400 evidence-based treatment regimens, Eviti Connect is now able to serve as a go-to resource in the autoimmune space on top of its proven expertise in oncology.  The Eviti library now covers the most prevalent autoimmune diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, plaque psoriasis and multiple sclerosis.  He talks about the company’s plans for this expansion and why they chose these two important areas of focus (cancer care and now autoimmune diseases).

Dr. William Flood is the Chief Medical Officer for Eviti at NantHealth, a provider of enterprise solutions that help businesses transform complex data into actionable insights. Prior to his role within NantHealth, Dr. Flood has served as Assistant in Oncology at the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor of Medicine at the Penn State College of Medicine. He is a multi-time graduate of Penn State (with a bachelor’s of science in molecular and cell biology and a master’s in health evaluation sciences) and earned his medical degree from the Temple University School of Medicine. He performed his post-graduate medical training at the Duke University Medical Center and the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center. While in active clinical practice, Dr. Flood was named a “Best Doctor in America” for many years.

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