Resistance To Using Breast Thermography In General Practice And How Thermography Is Not “standardized” Thus Eliminating Incentive To Investigate The Procedure As A Beneficial Screening Option

Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Wendy Sellens
Guest Bio:
Wendy Sellens began studying massage in 1999 and trained in soft tissue manipulation with Dr.Vince Guagliano at in Manhattan Beach CA. This specific treatment helped her create a large athletic clientele that significantly increased her clinical expertise.

Most of her internships were orthopedic spent at UCSD’s athletic department. Wendy also studied postural alignment with Egoscue and is a certified trainer. Wendy is co-founder of Pink Image breast thermography and one of only a few breast thermography certified readers in the United States, trained by William Hobbins MD.

Segment Overview:
Wendy Sellens discusses the resistance to using Breast Thermography in general practice. She talks about how thermography is not “standardized” thus eliminating incentive to investigate the procedure as a beneficial screening option. Also touched on is the fact that Thermography was at one time accepted by insurance companies but, has since been removed from the ranks of qualifiying medical procedures.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard. Our guest today is in studio Wendy Sellens. Wendy is a researcher in breast thermography. She’s a certified thermographist and interpreter, also the co-author of the book Breast Cancer Boot Camp: Dr. Hobbins’ Breast Thermography Revolution, which she co-authored with Dr. William Hobbins. How are you doing today, Wendy?

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