RiduZone with Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) [transcript] [audio]

Guest: Dr. Jay Yepuri

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Dr. Jay Yepuri the Chief Medical Officer at NutriForward, the creators of RiduZone. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Dr. Yepuri is a Gastroenterologist in active clinical practice with Digestive Health Associates of Texas (DHAT), one of the largest Gastroenterology group practices in the United States. Dr. Yepuri practices general Gastroenterology and advanced therapeutic endoscopy. Dr. Yepuri is a member of DHAT’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee. He serves as Medical Director of the GI Lab at Texas Health Harris Methodist HEB Hospital in Bedford, Texas. He is President of the Texas Society for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy (TSGE) and President of the Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society (TASCS). He serves on the American College of Gastroenterology’s Practice Management Committee. Dr. Yepuri also serves as a member of the Board of Directors and Surveyor for the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.  

Segment Overview: Dr. Jay N. Yepuri, Chief Medical Office for NutriForward, discusses their product RiduZone™, the first and only FDA accepted OEA Dietary Supplement, using natural metabolite Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) to induce satiety and stimulate lipolysis in the body.


Neal Howard: Welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard on this health suppliers’ segment. Our guest is Dr. Jay Yepuri. He’s Chief Medical Officer for NutriForward. Joining us today to discuss their product, RiduZone. Welcome to the program Jay. How are you?

Dr. Jay Yepuri: I’m well. Thank you for having me.

N: A bit of a background about yourself. What do you do and where do you do it for a NutriForward?

Y: Sure. As you mentioned in the introduction, I’m a Chief Medical Officer for NutriForward. We are a science-based nutraceutical company in the Dallas base, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My other hat if you will is I’m a gastroenterologist or specialist in digestive liver diseases. I’m an active clinical practice here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well.

N: How long have you been with NutriForward?

Y: NutriForward came together in 2014. We’re a little under four years old at this point.

N: We’re here to talk about RiduZone. What is RiduZone and how can folks benefit from it?

Y: RiduZone is an active ingredient, is a molecule called OEA which stands for something called Oleoylethanolamide. OEA is a metabolite of oleic acid which is a breakdown product of fat. Why I mentioned that is, is we all make OEA within our own bodies in these small intestine which is the fight of most nutrition absorption. But we don’t make enough for it to have some of its beneficial effects that we see when we supplement OEA with RiduZone. And those are particularly strong effects or beneficial effects in terms of craving appetite to curbing cravings as well as burning fat and increasing metabolism. People feel full when they take OEA or RiduZone, which again its primary ingredient is OEA and they also are able to burn fat and increase their metabolism and control weight in that regard.

N: It uses OEA. This is in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy metabolism or a combination of the two. Can it be used for either, or?

Y: We’re very careful to talk about and to really focus on using RiduZone which contains OEA as part of a balanced diet and unhealthy exercise regimen in order to achieve an individual’s goal as far as weight and appetite control. We really believe firmly that it’s best used in that context in terms of overall good health.

N: Does it target specific cravings as you said, say for carbs or sugar or something else? Or is it overall hunger that it curbs?

Y: That’s a very good question. What it really craze is overall hunger. The best way to describe it, it just makes you feel full. One pathway that OEA works by is a receptor or a molecule in the lining of the gut of the intestine that once the OEA binds that receptor causes a signal to a major nerve called the vagus nerve that transmits directly to this satiety or the center of the brain that says, “Hey I feel full.”. It’s that nerve impulse transmission to that center of the brain that triggers that I feel full sensation. To answer your question, that’s across any type of nutrient via carb, proteins, fat or anything. The idea though is it doesn’t make you not want to eat completely, because you feel full you tend you will as a result tend to eat more appropriate portion sizes and really kind of think more carefully about what you’re eating.

N: Is this something that should be taken with every meal, twice a day, once a day? How is it to be administered for the maximum benefit?

Y: It depends on the individual. We initially had people start at twice a day before meals and then for some folks they may benefit to increasing to three times a day depending on the response to the initial trial of twice or the initial twice a day. We usually have people take it three months and then we have them take a month or so off before starting it back again.

N: This is FDA accepted. Were there any hurdles that were above and beyond what you would normally expect to being FDA approved?

Y: That’s an excellent question. We are very proud of the fact that we have a NDI or New Dietary Ingredient acknowledgment from the FDA, based on the rigorous safety profile of RiduZone. We completed the first human safety trial that showed complete safety. Really no significant adverse effects on RiduZone in humans. Because of that we were able to achieve that new dietary ingredient acknowledgement from the FDA and as you’re probably aware for supplements to meet that standard is a bit of a rare thing. Only one in five really are successful at the first go-around of achieving that acknowledgement. We did it the first go-around. The science behind OEA and the safety behind OEA is really impugnable.

N: Is this something that a person can just jump right into or do you suggest having a complete understanding about your particular metabolism and your health before you start to take the supplement?

Y: That’s an excellent question. I think it depends on the individual person. If there are certain health conditions that they’re trying to get under control, say diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension or other conditions, medical diagnosis that they are treating and hoping to modify based on diet exercise, regimen and then wanting to incorporate OEA into that regimen, I think that’s appropriate to do that under the care or guidance of a healthcare professional, a trainer, both. Again the science and the safety behind OEA and RiduZone is so rigorous that really taking it in the context even someone just trying to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve those goals on their own. I think they’re fine to do that on their own. We’re just with what we’ve shown and what we have available just as far as science and safety go.

N: What availability are we talking about recently approved by the FDA? Is this readily available nationwide or is this something that some of us may have to wait on for several months or maybe even a year or more?

Y: RiduZone is available for sale as we speak. If you’d like more information on RiduZone, the site is very simple. It’s riduzone.com and there’s information on the site as far as more of the science, as well as how to purchase RiduZone, instructions on its use and how best to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle.

N: I appreciate you coming in Dr. Yepuri. Hoping that you’ll come back in and give us some updates as RiduZone gets more and more exposure.

Y: It’s my pleasure and happy to do so at any time.

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