Scout Clinical – Supporting Clinical Trials Through Patient Support

KimberLee Heidmann, Executive Vice President of Patient Experience and Customer Success at Scout Clinical, part of the Meeting Protocol Worldwide family, discusses Scout Clinical’s mission to help patients stay enrolled in clinical trials. On average, clinical trial participants must travel over 60 miles one way to visit clinical trial sites, contributing to just over half of all trials being terminated due to insufficient patient enrollment and retention.

Scout Clinical co-founder KimberLee Heidmann has been part of the Meeting Protocol Worldwide family of companies since 2001. She now serves as Executive Vice President of Patient Experience and Customer Success, as well as the Global Head of Quality and Regulatory Affairs. Her career in life sciences began in 1998 at a subsidiary of the World Health Organization Mental and Behavioral Disorders Team. KimberLee was part of the core team of innovators responsible for bringing Atlas Clinical Academy to market in 2018, and currently serves as its President. Her passion lies in driving transformative change in the clinical research field, creating inclusive pathways to research care for patients regardless of factors such as location, economic status, age, disability, or race.

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