The Health News – 29 January 2014


  • Researchers from the University of Toronto have uncovered a potential method to safely administer cancer drugs to tumours. In their report, Professor Warren Chan and colleagues say that DNA could be utilised to link nanoparticle subunits to create “superstructures” that would safely and effectively deliver treatments directly to cancers.
  • More than 800 neuroscientists from around the world are currently in Adelaide to discuss developments in their field, including some of the latest research on Alzheimer’s disease.
  • An Australian scientist says his recent study should allay fears of the dangers of nano-particles being used in sunscreens. Dr Simon James of the Australian Synchrotron, says the study found the immune system can effectively break down zinc oxide nanoparticles that enter the body.
  • In Melbourne a research team from Monash University have discovered that oestrogen could be the basis for an effective new stroke treatment method, and they believe it could lead to the development of separate treatments for males and females.

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