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Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Sue Lester
Guest Bio: Sue Lester, Head Transition Coach, speaker, adventurer and author of “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”.  Sue has explored how our internal image of ourselves forms our unconscious blueprint.  This unconscious programming can impact on your ability to develop healthy safe relationships, build successful careers, and even to conceive naturally.

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Sue joins us today to talk about Unconscious Blueprints & Fertility.



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Katherine Lodge: Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m Katherine and today our guest is Sue Lester, Head Transition Coach, speaker, adventurer, and the author of “The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint.” Sue has explored how our internal image of ourselves forms our unconscious blueprints. And this unconscious programming can impact on our ability to develop safe and healthy relationships, build successful careers, and even conceive naturally. Sue joins us today to talk about unconscious blueprints and fertility. Welcome to our show Sue.
Sue Lester: Hi Katherine, delighted to be here.
K: Now Sue before we get in to our main topic, what is an unconscious blueprint?
S: Okay. I guess the easiest way to explain it is if you think of your conscious mind for just you know 5-10% of your brain or such. As a captain on board your ship of life and a below deck are your crew or your unconscious mind. And your unconscious blueprints is the map your crew are using to navigate through life.
K: Right.
S: So the decisions you make are based on that map. So if your map is of a 14 year old you’re gonna make very different decisions to if your blueprint is of a 40 year old, for example.
K: Right and is it possible to have more than one blueprint?
S: Absolutely, yes.
K: Okay, right. And how does all these fit in to fertility? How does the unconscious blueprint affect us physically and in this case fertility?
S: Okay. I’ve done a lot of work with clients over the years of unexplained infertility. So you know they’ve ticked all the boxes, their bodies’ healthy, everything should be working just fine but for some reason, it’s not. Let me give you an example, I had a client who came to me and they were soaking to have a baby and they’ve set up everything financially, they’d arranged their careers and now they’re at the point where all they need is just to slut that baby into their picture and they’ll live happily ever after.
K: Right.
S: The catch was that this particular client was absolutely terrified not only at giving birth but terrified of being pregnant. So this thing about things growing inside of her, totally slipped thru it.
K: Right.
S: So when she came to me, she had actually been formerly pregnant and then miscarried. I guess traumatic at any level, but for her the trauma came from the enormous relief she’d felt at miscarrying and then the guilt that followed that.
K: I see.
S: And then we went in and had a look at her unconscious blueprint, it was of a 10 year old so I mean that made sense. Imagine of being 10 and being pregnant and the thought of giving birth and a care of a child.
K: Right. So it affected her so. Well firstly we should say a miscarriage is actually more common than you know people realize but, yes, so through this unfortunate situation she was able to kind of like you said explore some of these things that she wasn’t addressing when she was pregnant or leading up to getting pregnant.
S: Absolutely. And in other cases, it can be that the unconscious blueprint is absolutely if it’s a young blueprint that’s definite block because when you’re an early adolescent or a child, we don’t feel capable or ready to care for a child.
K: Right.
S: But in other cases, it can be that the unconscious blueprint is of an adult but for example a party girl which doesn’t match the nurturing role of a mother.
K: Right.
S: For other clients it can be they have you know have the sophisticated corporate image inside and once again that’s not a good match with a nurturing mother role with dirty nappies and baby track on your shoulder. (chuckles)
K: Right, I see. So question for you Sue, if you know this is part of our unconscious blueprint, how can people actually address it if they’re not even aware of it?
S: Well that’s a case and that’s the reason I wrote my book to raise awareness that we do have unconscious blueprint not only of ourselves which can be impairing or dis-impairing. We also have unconscious blueprints of other people and how that plays out in the case of fertility or infertility. Someone may have a dis-impairing unconscious blueprint of their spouse, for example. They really don’t see him, virtually see them inside as a father figure or someone that they would trust to raise their child.
K: I see.
S: So you know, great lover but not someone you’ve want to care for your child or maybe they don’t feel secure with him. So he’s the party boy who might disappear at any point in time.
K: Right, I see. And okay so what can women do about it like besides getting your book and once they’ve got your book, like what is the process that they would go through?
S: So I can’t work with everyone in the world as much as I’d love to so as part of the book I put in there how to identify your unconscious blueprint of yourself and also others. And that I’ve also included the process in there that women can do themselves. A different process to what I use when I’m working 1 on 1 simply because I can, I’ve got more room to play. But I wrote about a technique you can actually use yourself to update it. But in the first case awareness, because what you’re not aware of, you can’t change.
K: Right, I see. Very interesting and where can… sorry what were you gonna say Sue?
S: I was gonna say for anyone who is struggling to conceive, absolutely have a look at the emotional psychological reasons for not conceiving.
K: Right, I see. Because I have spoken to some doctors thru the show and they said that with this, what did you call the unexplained infertility, where like you said they tick all the boxes physically but they still can’t get pregnant. A lot of doctors and I know it doesn’t help women, but they say it can be attributed to stress for example.
S: Absolutely. Stress is a huge, to the point where it amazed me how many women came to me are actually at a point not having sex which is just, I felt so you know “Hello?”
Both: (chuckles)
K: Probably you’re not gonna have kids unless you know the immaculate.
S: Yeah. A new immaculate conception or “Twice a month isn’t enough, really?”
Both: (chuckles)
K: Interesting, yeah.
S: That’s interesting that you say that because aside from the unconscious blueprint, I uncovered lots and lots of reasons emotionally and psychologically reasons why they weren’t. And some to be that being pregnant is next to being fat and boring, “Being a mother makes me bored and boring. My husband will have affairs if I get pregnant. My body’s dirty from the abuse it had, it’s not a fit vessel to bring an innocent child in to the world.” Or it could be, “I don’t feel capable of protecting my child against the horrors of the world.” So there’s lots of underlying reasons why women won’t, you know, some sort of block their body following nature natural processes.
K: Right, I see. That’s interesting how all of that internal talk manifests itself.
S: I mean it’s very obvious in terms of fertility because you’ve got want in result. But it’s playing all the time in other areas of our lives too – relationship, finances, business, success, choices we make.
K: Yeah, I see. And for those that are listening and would like to get a hold of your book, how do they get a hold of it because there’s a lack of bookstores these days so?
Both: (chuckles)
S: They can go to my website. Which is growingcontent.com.au, so growing as in G R O W I N G content is C O N T E N T dot com dot au.
K: Alright, that’s sound great.
S: Oh, slash (/) shop.
K: I’m sure they’ll be able to find it and other things on the site as well. Thank you so much for your time.
S: My pleasure Katherine.

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