Take Cholesterol to Heart Campaign [transcript][audio]

Guest: Eliz Greene

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Eliz Greene is part of a new consumer health initiative called Take Cholesterol to Heart, which aims to help people better manage their cholesterol by choosing and staying on the right statin for them, as part of an overall heart-healthy lifestyle. When she was seven months pregnant with twins, she suffered a massive heart attack and needed open-heart surgery. The experience was life-changing and gave her an entirely new perspective on heart health. It was the catalyst for her decision to start a new career focused on inspiring others to take their heart health more seriously, by becoming better informed and actively involved in decisions with their doctor.

 Segment Overview: Eliz Greene, a motivational speaker shares her personal story about surviving a heart attack while pregnant with twins and her passion and involvement with a new initiative called Take Cholesterol to Heart.

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